Infrared Stylers

When you are looking for smooth, silky, straight or wavy hair, look no further. The Moyoko Infrared Styler is specifically designed with the highest specifications to meet the needs of hair stylists and consumers alike. Featuring wider, flexible heat plates, you can reap the benefits of smooth straightening and ironing to give yourself the perfect hair style with straight or wavy look.

The Moyoko Styler with its embedded infrared light beam and negative ion generator is the most technologically advanced styling iron. It Effectively straightens hair, locks in moisture, eliminates frizz and leaves hair smoother and silkier for longer.

It’s time to make your hair manageable again – if you want a simple hair care solution, start with the right tool.

E7 Edition Hairdryer

The Moyoko Professional E7 Edition Hair Dryer contains an Extremely Powerful Professional Motor (2300 watts).
The design is professional, ergonomic & light weight (Weight 550 Grams).
It has variable power and controllable temperature settings including a cold air button.
It has a removable air filter and an extra long cord (3m).
• Includes 2 Professional Smoothing Nozzles (6/9mm)
Diffuser Sold Separately.

Smoothing & Detangling Brush

The Mycro Keratin Moyoko Brush is an innovative brush made from soft touch material, combing style and functionality.
The Moyoko brush has a rounded shape to comfortably fit the shape of your head, making it easier and more efficient to brush your hair. The brush pins also contains Argan oil to add softness and shine to your hair. The small silicone pins help detangle the hair and reduces frizz.

When can I use the Myoko Brush? Any time you need to brush your hair and in any situation - wet or dry hair. Even when heat styling your hair, the brush will assist you in getting a shinier, smoother look.
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