Frequently Asked Questions
1What kind of results can you expect from Mycro Keratin treatment?
Mycro Keratin Smoothing Treatment reduces frizz and delivers smoother, stronger, healthier, more manageable and super shiny beautiful hair that lasts for months.
2Where can I do the Mycro Keratin treatment?
Mycro Keratin treatment is a in salon treatment, meaning that we have certified salons all over the country that will transform your hair and take away your Frizz. Inbox us to find a salon in your area.
3Which Hair Type is Suitable for a Mycro Keratin Treatment?
The beauty of it all is that this specific treatment caters to all hair types. It works on people of all ethnicities as well as people who are going through various different treatments. Mycro Keratin treatments can be used on virgin hair, highlighted hair, hair which has been relaxed, just to name a few. Whatever hair you may have Mycro Keratin treatments cater to all.
4How Long Does the Mycro Keratin Treatment Take?
The duration of the treatment process is approximately ninety minutes long.
5Does Mycro Keratin Treatment benefit all Hair Types?
Yes, the treatment does benefit all hair types; however it will benefit different types of hair in different ways. For example if you have extremely curly hair which has gone through extensive treatments, the Mycro Keratin treatment will be able to alleviate up to 80% of the frizz in your hair and will promote a softness within the hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, the treatment will result in a smoother look with an amazing shine. Ultimately, the treatment results in all hair having extra body, health, shine and strength.
6Is There a Period of Time Which I Must Wait for Post Treatment to Wash my Hair?
There is no need to wait after the treatment to wash or style your hair.
7Is it Possible to Perform This Treatment on my Hair if I have Hair Extensions?
Yes, it most certainly is possible! But before performing the treatment, ensure that the extensions were put in correctly and that the hair is one hundred percent natural hair and not synthetic.
8How Can I Best Maintain the Smoothness After my Treatment?
We have developed a vast array of various products which you can use after your Mycro Keratin treatment which will ensure that your hair will maintain the smoothness for the maximum length of time possible. It is also good to know that none of our continued treatment products contain salt.
9Will I be Able to Colour my Hair after the Treatment?
Yes, you will be able to colour your hair after the treatment however we recommend waiting a period of 15 – 20 days after the treatment has been performed.
10Will I be Able to Swim After I have received the Treatment?
Yes, you will be able to. However, you must then immediately wash your hair afterwards with fresh water and the Mycro Keratin salt free shampoo and conditioner. The Chlorine in the pool is an acid.
11If I have performed Another Type of Smoothing Treatment in the Past, How Long Should I Wait before Performing the Mycro Keratin Treatment?
There is no need to wait post another treatment before performing the Mycro Keratin Treatment. It is made up of materials which will not counter act any other treatments or chemicals which you may already have in your hair.
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